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We create high-impact digital content that sets you apart from the competition. Reach your target audience with our creative productions using the latest technology. We specialize in producing ideas that make a difference.

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Plans & Pricing

$1499 /mo. *

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Monthly Plan Features:

  2 Assets Developed
  Content Marketing Specialist
  Project Platform

$1999 /mo. *

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Monthly Plan Features:

  3 Assets Developed
  Content Marketing Specialist
  Project Platform

$999 /mo. *

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Monthly Plan Features:

  1 Asset Developed​
  Content Marketing Specialist  
  Project Platform

​Prices are in U.S. dollars (USD). Taxes are not included. * Monthly payment with annual commitment.

Full Comparison - Content Marketing Plans

Content Development 1 Asset 2 Assets 3 Assets
Choose from the following Assets:
- Pack of 10 Custom Images (equals 1 asset)
- Pack of 2 Videos of 30 seconds (equals 1 asset)
- Pack of 4 15-second Vertical Videos (equals 1 asset)
- 60 second video (equals 1 asset)
- 90 second video (equals 2 assets)
- 4 page PDF Brochure (equals 2 assets)
- 120 second video (equals 3 assets)
Content Marketing Specialist
Photographic Production (Optional) + $149/hour + $149/hour + $149/hour
Video Production (Optional) + $199/hour + $199/hour + $199/hour
Audiovisual Production (Optional) + $249/hour + $249/hour + $249/hour
Drone Production (Optional) + $299/hour + $299/hour + $299/hour
Access to Nodaros' Project Management Platform
Monthly Management Fees $999 $1.499 $1.999
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Frequently Asked Questions
Content Marketing Service

The final files of each plan can be downloaded by the client from our project management platform. We do not sell editable files and/or templates for content marketing plans.

Yes, the pack is designed to be used in the feed of various social networks. The design and customization of the images is done in line with the client's brand manual.

Each video is 1080p quality; it has commercially licensed music and text script overlay of up to 25 words. The pack is designed to be used in the feed of various social networks.

Each video is 1080p quality; has commercially licensed music and text script overlay of up to 15 words. The pack is designed to be used in stories on various social networks.

The brochure can have up to 4 images and up to 300 words per page. The design and customization of the brochure is done in tune with the client's brand manual.

  1080p quality

  Commercially licensed music
  Text script overlay
  Up to 100 words
  Professional voice-over (Consult additional)

  1080p quality

  Commercially licensed music
  Text script overlay
  Up to 150 words
  Professional voice-over (Consult additional)

  1080p quality

  Commercially licensed music
  Text script overlay
  Up to 200 words
  Professional voice-over (Consult additional)

All our plans have the assistance of a content marketing specialist, who is in charge of planning and advising the client on the content(s) included in each plan. The client can suggest ideas and participate in the development process through our project management platform.

Yes, through our project management platform you can share multimedia files with our team. All our plans require images and videos. The client provides the necessary materials or can opt for our additional service of photographic or audiovisual production. At the moment, this service is only available for clients who need to produce in Argentina.

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The World of Content Marketing

content marketing for ecommerce

Relevant, Pertinent and Timely Content

The main purpose is to attract customers or prospects to perform defined actions in the online world. Competition is becoming increasingly fierce and retention is becoming an uphill battle for companies, which struggle to capture the attention without losing relevance on the screens of their target audience. Content marketing is the creation of relevant, pertinent and timely content (graphic or audiovisual) targeted to a specific audience based on how they interact, search the web or interact with digital publications.

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​Benefits of Content Marketing

  Differentiation in the market.

  Increased interactions in the short term.

  Improvement in the engagement rate.

  Low-cost positioning based on customer and/or potential searches.

  Credibility: by providing relevant information, brand perception improves.

types of markets

Types of Suitable Sectors

All markets are suitable for content marketing strategies. From industrial products, production of raw materials, commercialization of goods or services. Because the focus is on the audience and not on the product or service to be marketed, i.e., the target audience is the center and the concept is to deliver valuable content.

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Tailored Strategies

By hiring our service, you will get content marketing strategies focused on your target audience, on how to achieve the percentage of acquisition and retention that your business needs. Therefore, your audience will always be attentive to the new content we generate and the link that builds your brand is for the long term. The trend today is for users to be loyal to brands that create content of interest to them.

a customer at the center of everything

Put Your Customer at the Center of Everything

Increasingly, people are demanding relevant and timely content from brands. They are tired of seeing purely commercial content with an iterative call to action. Digital competition among brands is sharpening and creative differentiation is the answer to those who need to stand out more in the online world. It's simple, brands that perform content marketing actions are more likely to be chosen.

Complementary Services

Take advantage of the high quality content produced for the following complementary services:

Social Media Advertising

Use the content for advertising actions in social networks where people interact.

From $700/mo.

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Google Ads Management

Use content to capture the attention of potential customers on the display network and YouTube.

From $450/mo.

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Social Media Management

Impact your target audience with the content created and differentiate yourself on social networks.

From $1499/mo.

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