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We take care of optimizing your website's organic positioning in search engines to make it competitive and get a higher click-through rate. Discover our plans designed exclusively to improve the SEO positioning of corporate websites in just twelve months.

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Plans and pricing

Pay annually and save 15%
Starter USD
/mo. Let's start
Monthly plan features:
  • 30 optimized pages​
  • 150 keywords
  • Professional SEO copywriting
  • 24/7 online reporting
Initial configuration: ²
Advance USD
/mo. Let's start
Monthly plan features:
  • 40 optimized pages​
  • 200 keywords
  • Professional SEO copywriting
  • 24/7 online reporting
Initial configuration: ²
/mo. Let's start
Monthly plan features:
  • 50 optimized pages​
  • 250 keywords
  • Professional SEO copywriting
  • 24/7 online reporting
Initial configuration: ²
Pay in ARS at the exchange rate 1 USD = ARS

Prices are in U.S. dollars (USD). Taxes are not included.
¹ The duration of the initial configuration service is two months.

Full comparison - SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plans

Pay annually and save 15%
Search engine optimization
Number of keywords (with less than 1 million searches) Up to 150 Up to 200 Up to 250
Number of optimized pages Up to 30 Up to 40 Up to 50
Pages with professional SEO copywriting of 600 words per month 1 3 4
Dedicated SEO specialist
Website technical analysis and opportunity report
Keyword research and selection
Keyword assignment to target pages
Title tags and meta descriptions
Robots.txt optimization
XML site map creation and submission
Google Business Profile optimization (Optional)
Information architecture audit
Canonicalization analysis
Initial external link analysis and deauthorization
Link redirection audit
Internal link restructuring and optimization
Duplicate content analysis
Header tag optimization (e.g. H1s)
Site map configuration
Image optimization (Titles and alt attributes)
404 error page optimization and configuration
Schema implementation (JSON-LD)
Google Analytics configuration with conversion tracking
Google analytics traffic analysis
Standard online performance reporting
Access to Nodaros project management platform
Implementation of website conversion analysis
Initial setup fees ¹
nodaros commercial support

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Frequently asked questions
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service

To see, in a simple way, the number of pages that your website has indexed in a search engine (e.g. Google, Bing or Yahoo) you must type in the search engine the following and below it indicates the number of results.

Keyword research and selection is a crucial task carried out by our SEO specialists because it defines the terms for which your website pages are triggered in the search results. Not all the terms or words that you think are suitable for your company are actually what users type in. That's why we do research based on how your target audience searches the Internet. Our plans contemplate certain amounts of keywords with less than 1 million searches to be researched.

Yes, all our plans include professional SEO copywriting up to 600 words for a certain amount of pages per month. If you need more extensive copywriting, please contact us for additional fees.

SEO optimization is a technique that focuses on the long term. Generally results start to be seen after 12 months. There are many factors that influence positioning, such as the age of the site, the number of pages, the amount of text per page, the loading speed, incoming links, among others. Therefore, the average position will improve progressively.

All our plans have access to a standard interactive report of the SEO optimization performance in real time. The client has the possibility to interact and apply various filters to visualize the results of their pages in an optimal way.

Yes, all our plans include the implementation of conversion tags, if necessary. This allows us to attribute valuable results to the traffic that the client receives organically thanks to SEO optimization.

google business profile logo

Do you need a smaller scale SEO solution?

Discover our monthly local SEO service designed to increase the visibility of each of your company profiles on Google. We make sure your profiles are always up to date:

  Customer reviews management.
  Upload up to 4 images per location (images provided by client).
  Updating company name, logo and cover image.

  Updating business hours, phone number, website, address, payment methods.
  Links to social networks.
  Real time reporting including: profile visits, website visits, phone calls, messages received, address requests, photo viewing.

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The world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

the search engine optimization world

Winning position

90% of the clicks that users make on the Google results page for a given search or query occur on the first page. This generates that website owners are forced to optimize the positioning of their sites in order not to lose visibility in front of their competitors, much less, amount of clicks. It is for this main reason that we have developed our SEO positioning plans to help companies position their websites according to the regulations required by Google, the main search engine in terms of popularity and number of queries per minute in the world.

keyword research


We make them find your website without having to search for you, as we choose the keywords that people search for in relation to your products or services. During the initial setup process, we study the way your target audience searches to detect which keywords will need to be optimized on your website.

content planification


The foundation for achieving the best SEO positioning is through high quality content and copywriting. We make sure that your website offers the solutions that people are looking for, in order to obtain a higher relevance and recognition, both from search engines and users.

google crawler robots


Does Google get access to your site, interpret, index and rank as it should? The positioning of a web page depends on hundreds of factors that will determine how search engines will treat your site. To rank your website in search engines, it must send the right signals.

website performance


How long does it take for your website to load? Users, and therefore search engines, demand faster and faster pages, abandoning those that take too long to load. If your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, it means you need to optimize it. We help you to detect where to improve it so that the loading of your web page is fast.

website usability


For your business to grow, you need the traffic you receive to convert. Do you sell a product? Do you have a blog? Do you provide services? No matter what your form of conversion is, we help you make your site much more usable, increasing conversion rates.

website seo analytics


We are a performance-oriented agency: we are interested in obtaining results, as well as in learning how to interpret the different metrics offered by each measurement tool, such as Google Analytics. You will learn how to measure and enhance your positioning decisions.

professional seo consulting service


Digital marketing is fast-paced, and an SEO decision can mean the success or disappearance of your website pages from search engines. We offer a comprehensive SEO consultancy in which you only have to worry about the quality of your product or service, we help you to gain a greater amount of organic traffic.

seo reporting


We generate monthly reports based on SEO results and organic traffic obtained. In addition, we generate customized online reports so you can follow in real time the evolution of the SEO optimization we perform.

Complementary services

Complement your SEO actions with the following services:

Content marketing

Use high quality content on your website to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

From USD 999/mo.

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Google Ads management

In addition to increasing organic traffic, you can capture paid traffic immediately.

From USD 449/mo.

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Social media management

Strengthen the SEO strategy by developing in parallel a strong presence in social networks.

From USD 1499/mo.

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