Franco Fabril S.A.

Founded in 1974, the company is one of the largest manufacturers of corn and sunflower harvester heads in the world. It also has the capacity to manufacture harvester tracks, agro-parts and rebuild used heads. With four manufacturing plants and one hundred and fifty direct employees, it markets its products in more than fifteen countries. In addition, its experience in the segment allows it to be the official representative of MacDon drapers and windrowers and Zürn harvesters in Argentina.

  Content Marketing

An optimal digital marketing strategy needs consistently high quality content to be carried out. We produce content with cutting-edge technology, using drones, mirrorless cameras, stabilizers, among other professional equipment, focusing on its target audience, following the guidelines and objectives of the company.

  Social Media Management

Social networks are a very relevant channel for the promotion of industrial goods. They allow building a community of customers and potential customers around a brand. We take care of Franco Fabril's corporate communication in the most important social networks: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. For this, we unify branding criteria and redesign the company's communication strategy.

  Google Ads Management

We manage the company's online advertising on Google products. We position their website on the first page of the search engine results through text ads, we manage with high quality content ads on the Display network and also manage video advertising campaigns on YouTube.

  Social Media Advertising

A post on any social network of a company, by default, is limited in terms of its reach. It is for this reason that companies are obliged to invest in advertising to achieve specific objectives. We manage Franco Fabril's advertising investment in ads within Facebook and Instagram platforms in tune with its commercial objectives.

  Local SEO Management

In the agricultural machinery and implements manufacturing industry, the need to show customers the facilities and production processes behind a product is very common. We optimized the company's Google profiles so that its customers around the world can see the technology behind Franco Fabril's products.

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A direct channel to the world.

Before buying a product, millions of people use YouTube to search for reviews. This is the main reason behind the testimonial video we have made about the Yacaré 1950 Franco Evolution track. Being the only manufacturer in Argentina of this traction system, we produced a testimonial of a customer of the company who purchased the product for his combine harvester and tells his experience.

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