Faldani Neumáticos S.A.

The company has five branches and is positioned as one of the largest Goodyear distributors in Argentina. Since 1963, it has been engaged in the sale of tires, rims and the provision of light mechanic services for cars, vans, trucks, agricultural and road machinery. It also has its ecommerce called "tugomería", being one of the first companies to sell tires through the internet in the country.

  Social Media Management

We managed the company profiles of Faldani Neumáticos on Facebook and Instagram. The creation of content was oriented to its audience and the challenge has been to constantly create value considering the high competition in the industry. We redesigned the communication strategy for these channels in line with Goodyear's guidelines.

  Google Ads Management

Searching for tires on Google is a very popular practice among users and/or owners of automotive vehicles. We manage Faldani Neumáticos' advertising campaigns on Google to position your e-commerce on the first page of search results. We also use the Google Business Profile extensions of each branch to achieve physical traffic to the nearest branch. We work on the basis of valuable conversions for the constant optimization of the advertising budget.

  Social Media Advertising

In order to obtain business opportunities in the short term, it is essential to invest in online advertising on social networks. The automotive industry generates a large amount of content on almost all social networks. This allows tire dealers to capture leads through ads. We manage the company's advertising campaign through impactful ads on both social networks.

  Local SEO Management

The segment of tire sales and light mechanics services is closely linked to the opinions that customers make on the profiles of companies on Google. Such is the case, that reviews determine the position of a profile on Google. We optimize local SEO for each branch according to the locality in which it is located to increase visibility against competitors present in each location. Presence in Rosario (Santa Fe), Río Cuarto (Córdoba), Pergamino (Buenos Aires) and Venado Tuerto (Santa Fe).

Headquarter - Agricenter Venado - Rosario, Santa Fe - Pergamino, Buenos Aires - Río Cuarto, Córdoba

Impactful content and quality work.

We worked with Nodaros and I can say that they solved our problem of not appearing first in Google as direct Goodyear distributors in our region. Also our CTR in search campaigns remained 4 points above the average for a company in our industry, which is very good. The work is outstanding and their analytics reports are very accurate.

Tomás Visca
Faldani Neumáticos S.A. | GOODYEAR

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