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Google Ads Management Service

Maximize your
advertising performance.

We manage ad campaigns on Google, the world’s most popular search engine. We make your ads appear above your competition. We manage your company’s advertising on Google products through creative and impactful ads.

Plans & Pricing - Google Ads Management

Prices are in U.S. dollars (USD).



or 15% of ad spend, whichever is greater.
Monthly Plan Features:



or 12% of ad spend, whichever is greater.
Monthly Plan Features:



or 10% of ad spend, whichever is greater.
Monthly Plan Features:

Full Comparison - Google Ads Management Service

Monthly Advertising Investment Limits $100 - $5,000 $5,000 - $30,000 + $30,000
Advanced Keyword Search and Selection 2,000 Keywords 5,000 Keywords 10,000 Keywords
Google PPC Network (Google Ads)
Creative Display Ad Development 15 Image Resources 15 Image Resources
Creative Development of Video Ads 1 15-second Ad 2 15-second Ad
Google Local Services Ads
Text Ad Remarketing and/or Display Banner Remarketing
Google Customer Match & Audience Match
Google Shopping Ads Management
Dedicated PPC Specialist
Initial Campaign Development and Strategy
Industry Analysis
Campaign Copywriting
Ongoing Keyword Development and Adjustments
Google Analytics Integration
Strategic Bid Management
Account Configuration Monitoring
Management through Client's SEM Account
Conversion Implementation (Optional) + $200 + $200 + $200
Monitoring of Clicks, Conversions and Fraudulent Activity
International Campaign Management (Optional) + $200/month per language + $200/month per language
Standard Online Performance Reporting
1 Extra Set of 15 Image Resources + $180/month + $180/month + $180/month
1 Extra 15 second Video Ad + $150/month + $150/month + $150/month
1 Extra 30-second Video Ad + $200/month + $200/month + $200/month
Initial Configuration/Optimization Fees $720 $1,350 $3,480
Monthly Management Fees $450 or 15% of ad spend, whichever is greater $775 or 12% of ad spend, whichever is greater $3,600 or 10% of ad spend, whichever is greater

* Not included. It is paid by the client directly to Google.

The world of Google Ads Management

Millions of people use Google’s services every day. This is more than enough reason to understand the importance of investing in ads through Google products. All advertising actions, which are carried out through Google Ads, are measurable in real time; which allows a world of possibilities when it comes to optimizing the advertising budget. Our specialists work hard to get the most out of every budget we manage.

Search on Google

Search Network Ads

We create differential search campaigns based on how your target audience searches on Google. This way you can offer your product or service in a quick and simple way. This allows you to be at the right time and achieve the potential traffic that your business needs to grow.

Google Display network

Display Network Ads

We create campaigns on the Google display network according to your commercial or branding objectives. It is the optimal type of campaign for remarketing ads, i.e. focused exclusively on users who have already interacted with your company's website to achieve a higher conversion rate.

Advertising on YouTube

YouTube Ads

We design ad campaigns on YouTube, the number one video platform in the world. Depending on your company's objectives, we create unique audiovisual content  to differentiate you from your competitors. It is necessary to have an active channel on the platform to advertise your company.

Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile

If you have physical stores or branches, we make sure they are optimized in Google so that they stand out through ads in the market. The easier it is to find your company, the more commercial opportunities you will have. We are an agency  focused on results, we have years of experience in optimizing Google business profiles.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

There are many words that people can search for in Google about a product or service, but there are few that generate commercial opportunities. We are specialists in understanding how, when and what users search on Google to apply it to your ads.

Reporting Pay Per Click

Online Reporting

Analytics + constant analysis = optimal results. That is our motto when it comes to reporting the progress of each Google advertising campaign we manage for our clients. We use Business Intelligence techniques for the progressive optimization of advertising performance.

FAQ - Google Ads Management service

They indicate the thresholds of the advertising investment that we manage for the client. This investment is in charge of the client, who pays it directly to the platform (Google Ads).

Yes, all our plans include a certain number of keywords to be researched in order to target your company’s ads. The amounts indicated determine the maximum number of keywords to research, this does not mean that we use all of them, since the advanced selection determines the best ones for each client.

Yes, the Pro and Enterprise plans include graphic editing for 15 images provided by the client. Creative development is done at the initial setup/optimization stage. If the client wishes to add more image assets for Display ads, they can request them as additional.

Yes, the Pro and Enterprise plans include video editing from client-supplied footage. Creative development is done at the initial setup/optimization stage. It should be noted that the client needs to have a YouTube channel to host the videos that are used as ads. If the client wishes to add more ads of the mentioned type, they can request them as additional ones. Regarding the videos, they do not include voice-over.

Local Services ads help you attract customers to your business. Your ads highlight the most important information for customers to choose your business: services you offer, service area, hours and reviews. This type of ad is not available in all countries around the world, so check with us for availability in your country.

Yes, the Pro and Enterprise plans offer the possibility for your company to benefit from remarketing. Banners are included as long as some of the following possibilities are met; if banner ads are included in the plan, if they are provided by the client or if the additional creative design fee is paid.

Yes, the Pro and Enterprise plans provide Google Shopping ad management for ecommerce. The client is required to provide an up-to-date Google Merchant Center account with all their products uploaded.

The customer retains administrator/owner access to all campaigns created on the advertising platform (Google Ads). You only need to grant administrator permission to our agency for the management and delivery of any of our service plans that you contract.

Yes, the Pro and Enterprise plans optionally include the management of international campaigns. We work in Spanish, English and Italian. For the above mentioned or for other languages, please consult the additional rates.

Yes, during the initial setup/optimization stage, all our plans include the necessary restructuring of the campaigns. The Pro and Enterprise plans also include the creative development of certain quantities of Display and Video ads.

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