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Google Ads management

Search engine advertising: your website in the first results of Google through ads.

Google Ads management service

We manage ad campaigns in the most popular search engine in the world: Google. We make your ads appear above your competition.


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The world of Google Ads

Ads through Google Ads.

Posicionamiento web en Google


We create differential search campaigns based on how your target audience searches on Google. This way you can be constantly creating value for your audience and be ahead of your competitors’ ads.


We create campaigns on the Google display network according to your commercial or branding objectives. It is the optimal type of campaign for remarketing ads, i.e. focused exclusively on users who have already seen content on your company’s website to achieve a higher conversion rate.

Google Ads management
Anuncios en YouTube SEM - Nodaros

YouTube adverstising

We devise ad campaigns on the number one video platform in the world. Depending on your company’s objectives, we create unique audiovisual content to differentiate you from your competitors.

Google Business Profile

If you have physical stores or branches, we make sure they are optimized in Google so that you stand out in the market. The easier you are to be found, the more commercial opportunities you will have. We are a results-driven agency with years of experience in local SEO optimization.

Google Business Profile SEM - Nodaros
Keyword Research SEM - Nodaros

Keyword Research

There are many words that people can search for on Google, but few that generate valuable conversions on your website. We are experts in understanding how, when and what users search for on Google to apply to your ads.


Analytics + constant analysis = optimal results. That is our motto when reporting the progress of each Google Ads campaign we manage to our clients. We use Business Intelligence techniques for the progressive optimization of web positioning.

Reporting SEM - Nodaros

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