Digital Marketing Company

Welcome to our digital Marketing company focused on providing professional services for businesses.


We are a family-owned company, formed by professionals in Marketing, BI, graphic design and content production.

The mission

To offer 360° digital Marketing consulting services to companies with optimal quality of support using innovative online tools.
We're in every detail. Our teams generate content based on your preferences with state-of-the-art equipment and top-notch setups. Your brand is the focus, we make sure it shines.
With our reports you will be able to measure the performance of your online advertising campaigns in real time. You will be able to see the budget invested, which will allow you to make decisions based on facts and not on assumptions.
We work dynamically and efficiently. We use cutting-edge digital tools, which will allow your strategy to be always up to date with the best resources. Each client is unique, we focus on each project to achieve the objectives set and above all to achieve the desired commercial success.
Our main objective is to promote your company, we take care of using the best digital Marketing method to make it happen. All other actions will be in tune with the expected results.
We inform you about our management as you need every step of the way. We have our own support platform so that the quality of service is the best, allowing you to know every step we take.
We carry out our daily work optimally because we have years of experience in the digital word. We are at the service of our clients to simplify decision making.
Woman happy with her choice of Nodaros digital marketing company

Why choose our digital Marketing company?

Because we have teams of specialists who work with cutting-edge online tools to create digital Marketing strategies tailored to each client. Our digital Marketing company is focused on providing quantifiable solutions for companies. We use advanced software to provide services that help each client achieve the impact they want in the digital world. We are a family business with solid and well-defined values. We work as a team and prioritize the welfare of the people who make up our digital company. We believe that great things are done by teams of people.

Our 3D process

Get to know our work method. We are efficient in what we do.


We listen to your company's needs. We study your company's product and/or service in perspective with the target market. We evaluate the internal and external factors of the problem.


We create the digital Marketing strategy that we will use to achieve the objectives set. We define the roadmap of the project.


We deploy the appropriate professional team for the project according to the strategy we carry out. This ensures that our daily work is optimal and in the hands of responsible people.


The numbers of our digital Marketing company.

Completed projects
Reports created
$ 1 M
Invested in online advertising

Our leaders

They ensure that the company is up to every project and challenge that our clients pose.
Meet our team leaders.

Bruno Mena

Digital Marketing

Joel Mena

Business Intelligence

Franco Mena

Content Creation

Joel Borda Bossana

Graphic Design